I like to think of my art practice as a convergence of architectural design thinking and fine art. Right now, I have a couple of bodies of work with paper as my primary medium: the florals and the geometric wall tiles. My aim with the wall tiles is to manifest a design language with line, shape, and depth, as Frank Lloyd Wright did with his textile blocks. My floral pieces represent a slightly different point of departure as an investigation of minute detail and (very) low relief. I am indeed interested in the field of design, and in the future I may reproduce my wall tiles in concrete or ceramic for interior design purposes. Or I may not, as the paper sculptures are themselves formidable art objects.

Paper is something I discovered over the course of the pandemic when I bought a book called Paper Sculpture: A Step-By-Step Guide (1994) after discovering a wealth of paper artists on Instagram. I didn't have any idea what kind of adhesives or techniques to use, and this book got me started. Paper jives well with my enthusiasm for figuring out how things are put together and ascertaining how to achieve certain three-dimensional visual effects. I always enjoyed modelmaking, and my paper practice is an extension of that same drive. Something about the ephemerality of paper--not to mention the ease of working with it (you don't need a ventilated studio or abundant space)--draws me strongly to it.


Bachelor of Arts, Comparative World Literature, California State University, Long Beach [in progress]

Minor, Art History

Minor, Design History & Theory

graduation date: May 2023

Associate of Arts for Transfer, Art History, Los Angeles Valley College, 2018

Solo Exhibitions

March 19-23, 2023 University Honors Program (UHP) Honors Thesis Exhibition in Sculpture with Advisor Bryan Crockett; California State University, Long Beach School of Art Galleries; Long Beach, CA

Group Exhibitions

2023 Making the Cut, Shoebox Projects, Los Angeles, CA (online) [Juried]

2023 Centered on the Center, Huntington Beach Art Center, Huntington Beach, CA [Non-Juried]

2022 Inspired By: A Small Works Exhibit, Long Beach Creative Group, Long Beach, CA [Juried]